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The Selling Pace Of A Single Family Home For Sale In Chino Hills CA

Nov 5, 20159:00 am

Wondering how fast a single family home for sale in Chino Hills, CA will sell? Here’s a look.

So you just listed your single family home for sale in Chino Hills, CA. You’re probably wondering how long it will take for you to find a buyer. While we’d love to give you a straightforward answer to that question, there are quite a few factors that will contribute to your selling timetable.

Specifically, these things will affect how quickly your single family home for sale in Chino Hills, CA finds a buyer.

  1. Price: This is the single most important factor for your selling timetable. If you list your home too high, it could sit on the market for months and month. If, however, you list it too low, you’ll probably find a buyer right away but won’t make as much money as you could. So you can sell at a reasonable rate without leaving money on the table, get advice from your real estate agent on where to price your home.
  2. Marketing: If your listing looks lackluster online, you’re probably not going to draw a lot of attention. If, however, you have stunning imagery and captivating verbiage, you’ll draw lots of interested buyers. Work with your agent to tune up your listing to get noticed right away.
  3. You: Ultimately, you matter. If you’re not willing to negotiate with a buyer—whether that means taking a little less than your asking price or throwing in your fridge—you’ll have a much harder time finding a buyer.

If you need your single family home for sale in Chino Hills, CA to sell quickly, contact John & Michelle. We’ll leverage our California real estate experience, connections, and passion to help you find the right buyer before your deadline. Don’t leave your home languishing on the market; call us today!