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Should You Look At Smaller Chino Hills Homes For Sale?

Oct 22, 20159:00 am

Answer these questions to see if smaller Chino Hills homes for sale would meet your needs.  

You worked hard to get into the home in which you currently live, so deciding to downsize can be hard. Once you get to the point where you just don’t want all of that extra space, though, it becomes clear that downsizing will better suit your needs. You’ll have less maintenance, fewer housing costs, and less to clean.

Are you thinking about downsizing? Before looking at smaller Chino Hills homes for sale, answer these questions.

  • Is it lucrative? Usually, homeowners can make some money when they downsize. To figure out if you can, figure out how much equity you’ve built up in your existing home. Then, figure out how much homes in the size you think will fit will cost. The difference is how much you can pocket!
  • Will it suit my needs? Don’t just downsize for financial reasons. It might seem like the obvious move when entering retirement but if you love having all of your kids regularly stay at your house or hosting big parties, it might not be the right choice for you. Decide what kind of lifestyle you want, and buy accordingly.
  • Can I get an affordable house? Downsizing seems like an obvious way to cut housing costs, but in fast-moving, high-priced markets it might make more sense to hold onto your existing home. Talk to your agent about your current, local real estate market before you sell.

Before you decide to downsize, you’ll want to look at smaller Chino Hills CA homes for sale to get a clearer idea of what living in them would mean for you. To get an agent who will take the time to show you all your options in all their sizes, contact John & Michelle. Serving Chino Hills and the surrounding California area, we want to help you find the perfect home in the perfect size!