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Thinking Of Investing In Real Estate In Chino Hills, CA? Now’s The Time!

Nov 12, 20159:00 am

Investing in real estate in Chino Hills, CA is a good idea right now.

Seven years ago, the long-held belief that real estate was a sound investment fell on hard times. In the midst of the fallout from the housing bubble, we all had to wonder if what we’d always been told was true. Was owning real estate really one of the best ways to build wealth?

Now, less than a decade later, all of our fears have been assuaged. Not even ten years after the Great Recession crashed home prices, we’ve seen a full recovery and the numbers only point to continued growth. In short, we can again feel confident that investing in real estate in Chino Hills, CA is a good idea.

Want evidence to back up that assertion? Fannie Mae’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) grew 3 points to 83.8 percent in September. With it, the HPSI’s components that identify when it’s a Good Time to Sell and Good Time to Buy both went up, the former by 13 points on net, the latter by 3 points on net. These upward trending figures are thanks to a variety of factors, from increasing consumer confidence to a strong home price environment to comparably high rent costs.

What’s more, the HPSI isn’t just doing well based off recent numbers, it’s actually poised to overtake it record high. That means that even with the Great Recession in fairly recent history, the real estate market is showing notable growth.

Clearly, there’s no time like the present for investing in real estate in Chino Hills, CA. The question remains, though: which piece of property should you buy? To make sure you make the right investment, contact John & Michelle. We have the California real estate expertise and experience you need to pick the perfect piece of property.