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Expecting Guests? Use This Holiday Checklist for the Home

Nov 10, 20159:00 am

Simple tips to get your Chino Hills, CA house ready for holiday guests.

The holiday season revolves around spending time with your loved ones, which may include opening up your spare bedroom for visitors. To help make your house inviting and comfortable for all of your guests this season, use this simple holiday checklist for the home.

  • Check all of your outdoor lighting to ensure that all of your lights are working properly. Consider adding a sensor light to light up your walkway in case you forgot to turn on your outside lights for your guests.
  • Create a drop spot in the entryway of your house where your guests can put their jackets and boots so they do not have to track through your house with them. Planning ahead can help to prevent your entryway from becoming a mess.
  • Schedule a professional carpet cleaner to get all the carpet throughout your house looking like new.
  • Check the bathroom to ensure that your guests will have everything that they need, including hand towels, soap, and toothpaste.
  • Clear some space in the guest room closet and dresser so that your guests do not have to live out of their suitcase.
  • Make sure the alarm clock in your guest room is working properly. Also consider setting up a reading lamp to allow your guests to relax.
  • Put away any appliances that you do not use every day in your kitchen. The extra counter space will give your loved ones the space they need to enjoy the heart of your home.

Having the right house with enough space for all of your guests is the best way to ensure that all of your loved ones can enjoy the holiday season with you. For all of your real estate needs when looing for the right Chino Hills, California house that will best suit your needs, contact John & Michelle.