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A Few Of The Top Closet Cleaning and Organizing Tips!

Oct 28, 20159:00 am

These closet cleaning and organizing tips can help you make the most of your space!

The fall season is in full swing, which means the kids are in school, your local coffee shop has started selling their special variety of pumpkin beverage, and you need to dig your sweaters and boots out of the back of your closet. The good news is that doesn’t have to be a hassle!

With these closet cleaning and organizing tips, transitioning your closet from summer to fall may just be fun!

  • Detox. How many items of clothing do you have in your closet that you haven’t worn in years? If you’re like many of us, the answer is probably a lot. Now’s the perfect time to detox your closet. Donate the items you no longer use, and you’ll be doing yourself and your local community a favor!
  • Store Smartly. To maximize your closet space, put items you don’t need during the colder months into storage bins. Just make sure you put labels on them so that a vacation to a warmer climate doesn’t have you digging through everything to find that perfect sundress. You might also want to switch items you’re hanging back up to the fall to slim velvet hangers to create more closet space and prevent those awkward tucks and pulls plastic and wire hangers can cause.
  • Clean The Closet Itself. This isn’t just a time to clean out your clothes; use the transition to dust and vacuum in your closet. You’ll keep your clothes cleaner and help avoid allergies.

Cleaning and organizing your closet is a lot less challenging when you have enough closet space! To look at Chino Hills real estate that will offer you the storage options your family needs, contact California agents John & Michelle today. Stop being frustrated with storage; give us a call!