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Surviving House Hunting With Small Children

Sep 10, 20159:41 am

Expanding your family is one of the main reasons people begin their house search. While looking for more space for you and your kids can be very exciting, it can also be stressful if your kids are part of the house hunting process. Keep these tips in mind to help make sure that you are able to survive the house hunting process with your young children.

  • Leave the kids at home – whenever you can, do not bring your kids with you. While this may not be realistic for every house that you look at, sending your children to a friend or family members house can help to ensure that you can focus all your attention on the properties that you go to.
  • Bring a distraction – when your kids do come with you, bring a quiet activity with you so that they do not get too bored. A tablet loaded with games or their favorite book can keep their attention while you are looking for your next house. Also make sure that you have plenty of snacks and drinks to avoid a hunger meltdown.
  • Don’t waste your time – if you walk into a house and know right away that you are not interested, let your agent know. Spending time looking at a property that you know you will not buy is a waste of time. Spend your time more wisely at properties that have potential.
  • Get the kids excited – telling your kids that you are going house hunting may start a round of complaints. Instead, tell them that you are looking for a new house that they will be able to invite all their friends over and decorate their room. Giving them something to look forward to can help to get them excited about the process.

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