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Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Roundup

May 12, 20159:00 am

Consumer Electronics Show 2015 RoundupThese Tech Gadgets Are Transforming The Modern Home

The Consumer Electronics Show was recently held in Las Vegas, giving today’s technological innovators the chance to showcase their latest creations. At this standout international event, we learned that the future of houses is here.

Smart house technology is becoming increasingly common and increasingly advanced. Here are just a few innovations today’s homeowners can expect to regularly see in the modern home in the next couple of years.

  • HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera: The baby cam has long been a resource for parents, but it only recently got a makeover. Today’s options offers sound and motion detection, two-way audio, viewing capability with smartphones, high quality video, push alert notifications, pan and tilt functionality, and can even play pre-recorded lullabies.
  • Soneter Water Sensor: You do not even have to cut your pipe to install this non-invasive meter technology. The Soneter will read you water usage, analyze your consumption, and even predict hazards for you.
  • Dacor IQ Oven: With its 7 inch LCD touch screen and wifi connectivity, this oven allows you to watch a cooking tutorial video or pull up a recipe even as it cooks for you. And cook it will; you can choose your recipe from the display and let the oven take care of getting it to the perfect doneness. Once the cooking time has been reached, it will switch to warming mode. You can kiss burnt cookies goodbye!

Technology trends are rapidly transforming today’s houses. Are you working with a real estate agent who is helping you stay ahead of the curve? To get expert-level insight into the future of the real estate market, contact John & Michelle in Chino Hills. We know the direction housing is heading in California, and are here to ensure you do not miss the boat.