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Technology: Transforming The Real Estate Industry

May 21, 20159:00 am

Are You Ready For The Move To Mobile?

Just a decade ago, most potential home buyers relied on fuzzy images in the local newspaper to get an idea of homes available in their area. Oh, how the time have changed! Today, not only can they instantly pull up a high-quality image of homes in which they are interested, they can flip through a portfolio of interior photos and, in some cases, even take a 360 degree digital tour.

Because it is easy to shop online, most buyers begin their process on the internet. As a result, it is crucial that real estate agents stay on the cutting edge of technological trends. For example, if your real estate agent has not optimized his or her site for mobile usage, you could lose potential buyers who are unable to see your home from their tablets. Because tablets are becoming more and more prevalent, even as smartphones grow larger and consequently more compatible with online home shopping, it is crucial to work with a real estate team who has developed processes that work on mobile devices.

Another way technology is transforming the real estate industry is in the home itself. Smart homes, which allow their owners to automate much of their processes and control lighting, temperature, and more from their mobile devices, are transforming the modern home.

Is your real estate agent staying ahead of the current trends so he or she can best serve you? To work with a tech savvy, forward-thinking team of California real estate experts, contact John & Michelle. We are dedicated to taking advantage of every new opportunity that technology offers us to help make your sale a lucrative breeze, then turn around a help you find your dream home at your dream price. To work with an advanced team in Chino Hills, call us today!