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Want To Sell? Avoid These Mistakes

May 26, 20159:00 am

Want To Sell? Avoid These MistakesSkip These Common Mistakes To Make The Sale

When you get ready to sell your home, you probably have a lot of considerations. You know you need to get your house staged. You know you need to get photos taken so your home can look its best online. You know you need to get your whole family trained on keeping the house clean so it can be ready to show at a moment’s notice. In the midst of all of these preparations, there are some mistakes sellers commonly make. To help you see selling success, avoid these blunders.

  • Skimping on Marketing: In the digital age, if you do not take advantage of every marketing option available to you, you are missing out on a whole pool of buyers. Do not assume simply popping up a “For Sale” sign will be enough to help you get the best price on your house; invest the time and energy necessary to get the word out there about your sale.
  • Skipping on Fixing: You may not think that those minor issues like a loose handrail or chipped tile are a big deal and, in truth, they are not. The problem is that when potential buyers see a handful of minor repairs to be made, they might begin to wonder what other issues are hidden.
  • Spilling on Emotion: Yes, you have many a fond memory in your home. Now that it is on the market, though, you need to learn to see it as just a house. Do not let your emotions come into play when trying to make the sale.

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