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Don’t Let Emotions Get In The Way Of Your Home Sale With These Tips

Sep 1, 20159:05 am

When it comes time to sell your house, you may be surprised at just how emotional you get. Especially if you have lived in the house for many years, it can be easy to let your emotions drive your home sale. Keep these tips in mind to help take emotions out of the process when selling your house.

  • Price it right – when deciding what price to list your house at, it is easy to price it based off how you feel about the house and not its actual value. Taking a look at the comparable home prices in the area and working with your real estate agent can help to make sure that you do not overprice your house, leaving it sitting on the market for many months.
  • Detach – when you decide to sell your house, it is time to start thinking of it as a piece of property instead of your home. Being too attached to the house can lead to you disregarding your agent’s advice or being irrational when negotiating with buyers.
  • Think of your target audience – where your house is located is one of the biggest factors that will contribute to who will be looking to buy. Play up the features of your house that will attract your target market, such as the proximity to schools for family friendly neighborhoods, or the public transportation down the road.
  • Don’t celebrate too soon – you should not celebrate the sale of your house until you give the keys to the new owners. There are many reasons that a sale can fall through. Make sure that you do everything that is needed to complete the closing process.

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