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Drought Tolerant Garden Plants For Fall

Oct 2, 20159:00 am

Have a beautiful, colorful garden this fall with these drought tolerant plants!

Fall may be when the earth traditionally falls dormant, but that doesn’t mean your garden has to start looking lackluster this time of year. With a few colorful fall-flowering plants that are great in our drought-afflicted state, you can add visual interest to your garden without worrying about your water use!

These low-maintenance, drought tolerant plants are the perfect way to add color to your garden this fall!

  • Mexican Bush Sage: This plant is native to Mexico, which means it does great in our Southern California climate. It can survive down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, only needs you to water it weekly in the summer, and loves filtered shade. Plus, you’ll love its vibrant purple flower this fall!
  • Damianita: This bi-yearly bloomer will carpet your garden with stunning yellow blossoms this fall, and again the spring. As a native plant in our area, it will only need you to water it once every two weeks most of the year and can make it through cold down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • California Fuchsia: Another California native, this plant can bring reddish fall hues to your garden even if you don’t have any trees with leaves that turn! Requiring bi-weekly deep water in the summer and less through the rest of the year, this is the perfect way to add a colorful pop even in the depth of our drought.

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